Settlement Funding describes an agreement to receive money when you can use it, instead of waiting up to a period of years. We are all trying to plan for tomorrow, but sometimes you need to make a big move today. Lump sum payments from Global Financial Funding  can turn your claim, lost assets, or any other form of future payment into the cash you need right now.

You know what’s best for the financial health of you and your family. Why wait years to receive all the money you have coming to you, especially when Global’s team of lawyers can work with you to ensure you get the most out of your claim as soon as possible.

Who is eligible for Lump Sum Payments?
It could come from a class action law suit that you are entitled compensation from, maybe it’s an old life insurance policy, an annuity, a CD or one of a hundred other mediums in which these assets are located. Why should you have to wait years for the payout? You might be holding the key to a financial instrument that only pays you over a long period of time. A lump sum payment can solve all of these problems. Our clients put their trust in Global Financial Funding because we know that every situation is unique, but we also know that a solution is always at hand.

If you’d like the power to build tomorrow’s dreams today, or to put yesterday’s financial troubles behind you for good, then contact one of our trained account executives to purchase your lost claim or asset. Let Global Financial Funding put a lump sum payment in your hands.

We can help you by satisfying your immediate financial needs with a lump sum payment. Remember, sometimes we all can use a little help. If you received a letter or phone call from one of our account executives, it means that we have found something that might just belong to you. The call is free, the service is free. We pay for everything.

Please call Global Financial Funding  today at 1-855-446-4562  to speak with one of our  Account Executives at your convenience.

Email your questions to, and one  of our executive team will promptly reply.